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The entirely Danish HOLIPASS travel site is simply a club where members can book hotel rooms at cost price.

Anyone can become a member. There is no binding period.

  • A subscription with a monthly fee of DKK 29 includes the member and further 8 travellers
  • A subscription with a yearly fee of DKK 299 includes the member and further 8 travellers

Without a membership, you are free to surf the HOLIPASS site and find our prices, so that you can compare with the competitors' prices for the same services.

It is HOLIPASS' core values that the concept shall be CONVENIENT, SIMPLE, HONEST AND TRANSPARENT:

It shall be perfectly simple and convenient to be a HOLIPASS member, and the concept shall be perfectly simple and in terms of every single detail we insist on being perfectly honest – and from very first encounter we want you to experience that we are transparent so that everyone can see that what we say is the whole truth and nothing but the truth !

That - in all its simplicity - is HOLIPASS' brand promise !

It might sound almost too good to be true - so therefore, we have asked BDO to perform a due diligence review on the concept - and certify that the HOLIPASS concept deliver exactly what we claim and promise.

Here you find the statement about HOLIPASS’ business model.

Here you find the accountancy declaration of purchase at cost price.

To be offering you everything at cost price comes with a price for HOLIPASS: We have removed all unnecessary expenses in the organization - and we will get by without beautiful offices in Dubai, Paris, London and New York. Because things like that would only make your holiday unnecessarily expensive. Also, we neither have office assistants to brew our coffee nor a cook to prepare our lunches in any canteen: We are brewing our own coffee and bringing our lunch boxes from home.

We want to be the ones opening the door for you – we want to be the portal allowing more happy individuals to go on bigger and yet affordable adventures.

We are offering you and your family ADVENTURE AT COST PRICE



Adventures at cost price

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